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We get plenty of questions every day about mud jacking and are more than happy to provide all of the answers! See some of the most common questions below, but if you still have things you want to ask our mud jacking professionals, feel free to contact us today!

How much does mud jacking save vs. new concrete?

Mud Jacking may save you 60-70% over the cost of pouring new concrete, and will still give you a beautiful, level, and safe concrete surface. To put it simply, mud jacking usually costs in the hundreds of dollars, while brand new concrete will cost in the thousands.

How long does mud jacking last?

Because ground settling is always uncertain, just like any concrete work unfortunately mud jacking doesn't last forever. However, we have done mud jacking jobs over 15 years ago that are still holding strong today!

How does mud jacking compare to polyurethane foam?

At Concrete Repair Mud Jack Service we don't use polyurethane foam. We are true believers in traditional mud jacking and have seen beautiful results from our tried and true procedure since 1961!

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